Conrad Electronic
Conrad Electronic
DPD Poland

Connect Conrad Electronic to DPD Poland
to ship your orders in one click

Connect Conrad Electronic and DPD Poland to ShippyPro in one click.
No developement needed.

You will be able to ship in less than 2 minutes.

Import your orders Conrad Electronic

Import your Conrad Electronic

Sync your online stores and your website to automatically reduce the unshipped orders

Print your labels DPD Poland

your labels

Select your orders and generate the shipping labels with all the DPD Poland services

Update the tracking number Conrad Electronic

Your tracking number
is updated

Your Conrad Electronic orders are signed as shipped with DPD Poland tracking number

Fulfil orders faster

ShippyPro helps you save tons of working hours

No more copy and paste

No more
copy and paste

The integrations with all the couriers in ready.
You just need to enter your credentials and you're ready to ship

Everything synchronized


All your orders are imported directly into ShippyPro. You can change all your unfulfilled from an east to use platform.

Scale your business

Scale your

Manage your growing order volum without worring about courier integration and scalability.

Make customers happy

Make customers

Empower your brand and increase your customer satisfaction with transactional emails and your branded tracking page.

Boost your business
with great shipping features

Print A4, A5, PDF

Print A4, A5, PDF
and ZPL labels

Print your shipping labels in different formats according to your printing settings

Shipping rate calculator

Shipping rate

ShippyPro automatically compares your shipping rates of all your carriers and chooses the best option

Cash on Delivery Manager

Cash on Delivery

Get full control on what is delivered and how much money you have to receive from each carrier

Produce invoices


Automatically produce invoices for all your sales in one click

Download Excel reports

Download Excel

Easily export an Excel report with all the information about your shipments

Ship via API

Ship via API

You can use our multi-carrier API to empower your existing shipping process

Optimize Picking


Create optimized picking lists to speed up the picking of your goods

Create Return label

Create Return

Create return labels for all the orders you have already shipped in one click

Schedule Pickups


Schedule pickups for all your carriers, even from different locations

Produce International docs


Automatically produce international documents to attach to the shipment (invoice, proforma, CN22, CN23)

Bulk Tracking

Bulk Tracking

After you have shipped your orders, you can Track all your shipments from one panel

Use Paperless technology

Use Paperless

For the supported carrier, you can use paperless for all your international shipments and save time and paper

More than 10.000 e-commerce
already trust ShippyPro

ShippyPro e-commerce integrations

We are very happy to use ShippyPro: shipping management has become incredibly easy, safe and economical. Not only that: our customers receive timely information about their orders. Spectacular!

Connect Conrad Electronic and DPD Poland and start shipping today

Conrad Electronic
DPD Poland

You can try all other function for free
and then decide whether to upgrade or not.