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Transactional Emails

A Fundamental E-Commerce Strategy

Tyler Hanzel
Head of Marketing in

"Give your customers control of the information they want to see from purchase to delivery"

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Hi, my name is Tyler.

I will be your teacher for this online course. My experience in the ecommerce industry has lead me to develop this program to share my knowledge with you regarding how transactional emails changed the way I do business.


Overview to Hands-On

This course is structured to give you an overview of the process and then it's time to dig in and see it work in your ecommerce business.

Easy and Simple to Use

Together we will build templates, test emails, and see results. This program is meant to be a step-by-step guide to help you start automating your transactional emails.

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Change your ecommerce business strategy by learning how to automate your transacitonal emails.

Email is not dead.
Data shows that the open rate of transactional emails is up to 70%, are you taking advantage of this prime opportunity to interact with your customers? Would you like to? Continue reading to find out how!
We are offering a free 11-day course on how you can start using transactional emails to boost your sales, increase customer satisfaction, and get ahead of your competition.

Timeline of Course

Day 1: Why Email is not dead

Reports from the email world: achieving a 3000% ROI is not so hard

Day 2: What are transactional emails and why they could be your ace in the hole

How to take advantage of the most read messages

Day 3: Three Simple & Sweet ideas for your first transactional email

Test-drive transactional email sending manually your first one

Day 4: Tip #1: Be clear and stay focused on your (secondary) objective

How to build trust in the eyes of your customer

Day 5: Tip #2: Write like a human

People buy from other people, simple as that

Day 6: Tip #3: Lather, Rinse, and Repeat. (Add value, Test, and Reiterate.)

A great experience offered, is a great brand built

Day 7: #1: Order confirmation email

Hands on the 5 must-have transactional emails: Engage

Day 8: #2: Shipment confirmation email

Hands on the 5 must-have transactional emails: Build trust

Day 9: #3: Track & Trace emails

Hands on the 5 must-have transactional emails: Delight

Day 10: #4: Feedback request

Hands on the 5 must-have transactional emails: Value Relationships

Day 11: #5: Thank you email

Hands on the 5 must-have transactional emails: Re-Sell, Up-sell, Cross-Sell

Wrapping up with our Webinar

Write, Test, and Automate! Learn how to implement all of the course lessons by attending our Webinar and receiving a free ebook for your attendance, see you there!

What other ecommerce sellers are saying

Graduates of our course have gained valuable skills to help them grow their ecommerce business and automate their transactional emails

"A simple reminder of what I need to be doing in order to effectively communicate with my customers."

"I learned how to automate my communications in the ecommerce world and now my business is up and running!"

"Just what I was looking for. Clear, concise, and valuable information in your mailbox every day."

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