We started this journey in 2016 with one clear goal: make people work better.

At ShippyPro, we’re on a mission to build the logistic infrastructure for global commerce. Our technology supports companies around the world to be faster & flexible in taking data–driven decisions for more sustainable & efficient transportation.

ShippyPro is solving a global challenge that companies face worldwide every single day: the complexity of logistics. Our solution was born from the frustrations of merchants trying to streamline their fulfilment and save time from daily, manual, low–value added tasks.

We’re enabling businesses of all sizes to erase shipping complexities and improve efficiency through cutting–edge technology and expertise. As a result, end–customers are more inclined to buy from brands able to ship orders quickly and provide the best delivery experience with exceptional customer support.


The first beta version of ShippyPro sees the light


Series A round of $5M to accelerate innovation


Series B round of $15M to build the platform for global shipping


Values that make ShippyPro unique

Being part of ShippyPro means being ready to embrace change and be passionate about new challenges.

We innovate

We are passionate about using technology & design to come up with new original ideas.

We build

We construct our projects brick by brick, ensuring each step increases the overall success of it.

We help people work better

Our solutions enhance the quality of companies' daily operations.

We dream big

We are ambitious. Whatever we do, we always push ourselves beyond our limits.

We are insatiable learners

We think the world is worth exploring: every day there are new incredible things to learn.
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Driving innovation into the logistics sector

ShippyPro leads the way in logistics innovation through great collaborations with partners. Together, we're not just shaping the future of logistics; we're building it, one step at a time.
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Our commitment to leave a positive mark

With every initiative, we want to leave a positive mark and make a difference. We always encourage bold visions that lead to high–quality innovations.