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ShippyPro is a Shipping Management Software that drives innovation and sustainability into the shipping world helping Companies perform better, Shoppers live better and our Planet breathe better.


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Our Team is the heart
of ShippyPro

It all starts here. From our Team, from people. We are all working towards the same direction, sharing the same common goals in a sustainable work environment that values gender equality.

Our Team is the heart of ShippyPro

Everyone has its
own voice

Yes, we have our own voice. We all play a big part inside the Team. Here at ShippyPro, we have the chance to show our talent working together at projects that are impacting thousands of people around the world everyday.

Everyone has its own voice

Why our Team is d!fferent

We dream


We aim to be a central part of the e-commerce ecosystem to make this industry sustainable in every aspect of it.

We never

get bored

Each day is a different challenge. Being at the heart of major projects lets us develop new skills to keep learning and growing.


think box the

We don’t just be a part of the machine, we help building it sharing our ideas. That’s how we like to think here at ShippyPro.

Our Values

Passionate about <br> what we do

Passionate about
what we do

For Passionate Teams there are no difficult tasks, only challenging ones.

Inspiring <br> Each Other

Each Other

We do our best working as a Team. That’s how we grow day by day.

Food <br> Lovers


Yes, we do love food. We have lunch together and we also cook, sometimes.

International <br> Team


Our Team speaks five different languages. Can you make it to six?

Obsessed <br> with Simplicity

with Simplicity

We put ourselves into our customers’ shoes to bring them the simplicity they need.

Caring about the <br> World we live in

Caring about the
World we live in

We work hard on reducing our ecological footprint with a sustainable mindset.

What we do everyday

Companies are facing an increasing demand to deliver their products better and faster to their clients. Our Mission is to bring together Simplicity and Innovation to make shipping more accessible for everyone.

E-Commerce Merchants

E-Commerce Merchants

We help e-merchants connect their Sales Channels to their Carriers to manage their orders from one powerful platform

Omnichannel Brands

Omnichannel Brands

We’re implementing their Omnichannel strategy with a simple but yet powerful API Integration.



We're removing friction of integrations for their customers with an easy to use Whitelabel shipping platform.

One Team,
five languages

Do you know that multi-language Teams have a propensity to find innovative solutions? Well, we do! We support our customers in five different languages:











This allows them to feel confident and keep growing without friction!

One Team, <br> five languages

We have clear ideas in mind

We want that the first solution that comes to mind when thinking about
Shipping Management is “Eureka, ShippyPro, of course!”

But most of all:

We want our customers and our employees to be satisfied of what ShippyPro represents.

ShippyPro’s daily

We care about what is going on outside our office. We always have, since day one. We’d like to do our part to help our community and the world we live in.

Sustainable Brand

Sustainable Brand

We take our environmental responsability very seriously. At the beginning of 2020, we reduced our ecological footprint with an eco-friendly restyling project for our Headquarter in the very heart of Florence.

Our help during Covid-19

Our help during Covid-19

In March 2020, we were one the first realities to support other Italian companies during the Coronavirus disease. We helped them increase their sales especially abroad, during that challenging time.

Our commitment to Charity

One of our missions is helping Charities giving people affected by a rare genetic condition an answer. ShippyPro Team regularly donates part of the overall profit to Charitable Organizations.

Working with the most
innovative businesses

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