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At ShippyPro we are always looking for new talents to join our Team. Get ready to drive innovation into the shipping world.


Life at ShippyPro

You will grow,as we will

Encouraging people to develop new skills is the secret to our success. That’s why we offer everyone free resources & mentorship.

Diversity and equality above all

We value diversity and inclusion, that’s why our team is so international (we speak 9 languages!) and 52% are women, also in senior positions.

Flexibility is our mantra

Everything here is flexible, starting from us. You will never hear us say “we’ve always done it this way”. Plus, we’ve been working remotely since day one.


You already picture yourself at ShippyPro, don't you?

It all starts from people. We are working towards the same direction, sharing the same common goals in a sustainable work environment.

We will ensure that you thrive

You only do your best, if you feel your best. That’s why we created an inclusive environment where people can thrive.

Inclusive culture

We strive to create a culture of inclusivity that makes people feel like they belong.

Growth opportunity

We all have a strong growth mindset that opens us to learn new things everyday.

Remote working

All our employees work remotely –fully or partially– according to their needs.

Enhanced health culture

Our employees are offered a wide range of free healthcare services.

No clocking in and out

We believe in mutual trust, that’s why we don’t require our team to clock in and out.

Smart environment

We organize meetups & other initiatives to foster our company culture.

We put people first

We don’t just interview candidates, we interview people. That’s why we give feedback at each stage of the recruitment process.
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    Video interview
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    Technical interview
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    Welcome to ShippyPro

It’s refreshing working with such a young and diverse team, it allows us to come together and find the best solution easily.”

Jack N.Data Analyst Stagiaire


How do I know that you received my CV?

You’ll get a reply from our HR Team within a business day. In case we need more information before the first interview, our Team will get in contact with you.

Need to change the time of a scheduled interview?

No problem! If you used Calendly to schedule your interview, you can cancel or reschedule it from the link you find in the confirmation email. Instead, if you set the date directly with the HR Specialist, please get in touch with us via email. PS: for the last selection steps, we would ask you to respect the time & date we agreed on.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the interview?

As you might not know yet, we have a strict paperless policy. That's why we don't want you to waste paper for your CV! Psst: If you’re applying for a Developer Job Position, we might ask you to do small coding exercises, so bring your laptop to feel completely at ease.

Couldn’t find the job position you are looking for?

If you really see yourself inside our Team, but none of the job openings suits you, please send your CV and the motivation letter here. Our HR team could get in contact with you.
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