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One API Call to create return labels for your shipments

Return API allows you to create return labels for your shipments as soon as your customers ask for a return. All it takes is one single API call for all your Carriers!

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Create returns for your shipments as soon as your customers ask for them

With Return API, you can create return labels for your shipments in a few seconds. This way, managing your return process becomes really quick for you and your customers!

Create returns for your shipments as soon as your customers ask for them

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Take a look at Return API request and response and visit our API Documentation to get started. Our APIs are written in 14 programming languages and in 2 different technologies, REST and SOAP.

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With only one more field “IsReturn” you will be able to generate a return label. The rest of the call is the same as Ship


	"Method": "Ship",
	"Params": {
		"to_address": {
			"name": "John Doe",
			"company": "",
			"street1": "123 Main St",
			"street2": "",
			"city": "Park City",
			"state": "UT",
			"zip": "84060",
			"country": "US",
			"phone": "5551231234",
			"email": "johndoe@gmail.com"
		"from_address": {
			"name": "John Doe",
			"company": "",
			"street1": "123 Main St",
			"street2": "",
			"city": "Park City",
			"state": "UT",
			"zip": "84060",
			"country": "US",
			"phone": "5551231234",
			"email": "johndoe@gmail.com"
		"parcels": [
				"length": 5,
				"width": 5,
				"height": 5,
				"weight": 10
		"TotalValue": "123 EUR",
		"TransactionID": "ORDER2365",
		"ContentDescription": "Milk",
		"Insurance": 0,
		"InsuranceCurrency": "EUR",
		"CashOnDelivery": 0,
		"CashOnDeliveryCurrency": "EUR",
		"CashOnDeliveryType": 0,
		"CarrierName": "DHLExpress",
		"CarrierService": "EXPRESS DOMESTIC",
		"CarrierID": 23,
		"OrderID": "12345",
		"RateID": "",
		"Incoterm": "DAP",
		"BillAccountNumber": "",
		"PaymentMethod": "Paypal",
		"Note": "Ship by 25/06/2018",
		"Async": false,
		"IsReturn": true,


	"Result": "OK",
	"NewOrderID": "1234567",
	"LabelURL": [
	"PDF": [],
	"ZPL": [
	"TrackingCarrier": "SpringXBS",
	"TrackingNumber": "UD26123123456",
	"TrackingExternalLink": "https://mailingtechnology.com/tracking/?tn=UD26123123456",
	"AdditionalTrackingNumbers": [],
	"Status": "1"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Envelope xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
	<Body xmlnxsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlnxsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
		<Ship xmlns="http//www.shippypro.com">
			<to_address xmlns="">
				<name>John Doe</name>
				<street1>123 Main St</street1>
				<street2 />
				<city>Park City</city>
			<from_address xmlns="">
				<name>John Doe</name>
				<street1>123 Main St</street1>
				<street2 />
				<city>Park City</city>
			<parcels xmlns="">
			<TotalValue xmlns="">123 EUR</TotalValue>
			<TransactionID xmlns="">ORDER2365</TransactionID>
			<ContentDescription xmlns="">Milk</ContentDescription>
			<Insurance xmlns="">0</Insurance>
			<InsuranceCurrency xmlns="">EUR</InsuranceCurrency>
			<CashOnDelivery xmlns="">0</CashOnDelivery>
			<CashOnDeliveryCurrency xmlns="" />
			<CarrierName xmlns="">DHLExpress</CarrierName>
			<CarrierService xmlns="">EXPRESS DOMESTIC</CarrierService>
			<CarrierID xmlns="">23</CarrierID>
			<OrderID xmlns="">12345</OrderID>
			<RateID xmlns="" />
			<Incoterm xmlns="">DAP</Incoterm>
			<BillAccountNumber xmlns="" />
			<Note xmlns="" />
			<PickNumber xmlns="">12345</PickNumber>
			<Async xmlns="">false</Async>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<AdditionalTrackingNumbers />
	<PDF />

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