Service Level Agreement

This SLA is to be considered an integral part of the Agreement between Italian Valley S.r.l. ("ShippyPro") and the Customer.




ShippyPro's "service desk" is responsible for receiving, registering and monitoring the progress of all calls. "Calls" is the term used to refer collectively to requests of assistance made by the Customer to the service desk, as regulated by this SLA.




Calls concerning less serious incidents should be sent via the support page: 


Calls concerning more serious incidents should be sent by e-mail to [email protected].


Additional support is available on request. Additional support will be subject to ad hoc quote.



The service desk – if necessary, liasing with the Customer – will prioritise the incidents based on this SLA. Prioritisation also determines the order in which incidents are handled.




The platform is totally unavailable or several essential Services, i.e. the functionalities necessary for the normal  business activity, are totally unavailable to the Customer.


The platform is operational but one or more essential Services are partially unavailable to the Customer or one or more non-essential Services are totally unavailable.


The platform is operational but the functionality, availability or performance of some Services is limited.


This category includes all incidents that occur in isolated areas of the platform and/or have a minimal impact on the performance or availability of a Service.





The response times agreed between the Customer and ShippyPro for incident handling are shown in the table below.


Subject: Incident management response times - Monthly observation period


Call response time

Follow-up time

Resolution time


100% of incidents within 30 minutes of the call.

98% of incidents within 1 hour of response.

98% of incidents within 4 hours of response.


98% of incidents within 30 minutes of the call.

95% of incidents within 2 hours of response.

95% of incidents within 8 hours of response.


95% of incidents within 2 hours of the call.

90% within 1 working day >  following the response.

95% within 3 working days  following the response.


95% of incidents within 4 hours of the call.

90% within 2 working days  following the response.

95% within 15 working days  following the response.


Availability of the ShippyPro SaaS


ShippyPro  will guarantee the Customer at least 99.5% per month availability of ShippyPro SaaS, 24/24.

In the event that ShippyPro does not meet this threshold, ShippyPro shall recognise to the Customer - upon the latter's request to be transmitted in accordance with the forms provided for in the Agreement - "Service Credits in the form of a discount on the amount due by the Customer to ShippyPro applied to the first available invoice, as indicated in the table below:


Percentage of monthly uptime

Discount percentage to be applied in the reference month with respect to the fees due on a monthly basis. If the contractual remuneration is on an annual basis, the fee is calculated by dividing by 12 the amount paid upfront by the Customer to ShippyPro, in addition to any monthly fees due for maintenance  or other services. 

Less than 99.5%, but more than 99.0%.

0.5 %

Less than or equal to 99.0% but greater than 98.0%.

1 %

Less than or equal to 98.0% but greater than 97.0%.

3 %

Less than or equal to 97.0%

5 %


ShippyPro will inform the Customer, upon the latter's request, of the monthly uptime percentage, calculated according to the following formula:


(Total number of minutes in the month - total downtime in minutes for that month) / Total number of minutes in that month * 100


The calculation of the Monthly Uptime Percentage excludes: 


  1. up to 50 hours per year of scheduled downtime for system maintenance and upgrades;
  2. any downtime due to the Customer's network, the Customer's certificates, third-party messaging platforms or other third-party services or networks, or any action or non-fulfilment of the Customer or third parties;
  3. any other downtime event caused by factors beyond the control of ShippyPro.


ShippyPro will give no less than 7 days' notice prior to planned downtimes, except for urgent updates.




Exemption from liability for act of carrier(s)


Some of ShippyPro's core SaaS services are based on the connection with carrier systems and the Customer's systems via API Rest or SOAP API integrations.

In the event of malfunctions or interruptions or suspensions of the carriers' and/or the Customer's systems, ShippyPro shall not be held liable in any way and cannot guarantee any level of service.


Force majeure and exceptional events 

The conditions under which, notwithstanding the occurrence of a malfunction or interruption of the Service, ShippyPro shall not be held liable (with the consequent exclusion of any obligation to pay compensation or indemnity in favour of the Customer) are listed below:


  1. cases of force majeure, including without limitation the failure of the telecommunications network operator to provide connectivity; failures, malfunctions, interruptions, or disruptions of telephone lines, power lines, or Internet lines. 
  2. cases in which ShippyPro is authorised to suspend the performance of the Services pursuant to the Agreement;
  3. unavailability or interruptions of the virtual infrastructure due to: (i) misuse, misconfiguration or shutdown commands, performed voluntarily or involuntarily by the Customer; (ii) failures and malfunctions of application/management software provided by third parties; (iii) breach of Agreement caused by the Customer;
  4. failures or malfunctions of the Service, or their failed or delayed removal or fixing due to non-fulfilment or breach of the Agreement by the Customer or abuse of the Service or the API by the Customer;
  5. order imposed by a public authority.




Validity and duration of the SLA - Amendments or replacement of the SLA


This SLA shall enter into force upon conclusion of the Agreement and shall terminate upon termination of the Agreement for whatsoever reason. 


ShippyPro reserves the right to amend or replace this SLA at any time, giving notice to the Customer, in order to adapt its content to changes in the Services provided (including the integration of new ones) and to technical updates of the platform, or in the event of changes of the laws applicable to the Agreement.


The amendments made enter into force as from the date indicated in the notice. If the Customer does not accept the changes, it may withdraw from the Agreement within 15 days from receipt of the notice, by sending a communication to ShippyPro. In the event of withdrawal by the Customer, the provisions of the Agreement shall apply for the effects of withdrawal.