Delivery as a cherry on top of your Marketplace

Offer a complete one–stop–shop by providing your customers with the most cutting–edge shipping technology.



With ShippyPro, we’re creating a unified commerce, with no friction points between all the different retail systems”

Amber HoviousVP Marketing & Partnership TW

Keep up with the latest B2B & C2C needs

Lean on a solid shipping infrastructure and provide customers with a user–friendly shipping platform they will love.

  • Offer more revenue streams for your customers

  • Centralize your customers' daily workload

  • Almost zero logistic engine maintenance

Plug & Play new Carriers effortlessly

Tap into the power of a worldwide Carrier portfolio to create a competitive retail system. Leverage our portfolio’s global reach and local expertise to cover every geography.

  • Instant access to our portfolio

  • No logistics barriers to your global expansion

  • Easy and quick integration for your clients

Bring your business to new countries

Our Experts will help you unlock the full potential of a complete portfolio. Plus, our solution is customizable to be tailored to your business needs.

  • Customizable and available in 5 languages

  • Customer Success Manager available in all phases

  • Support in 7+ languages

Reliable shipping KPIs for data–driven decisions

Get the power of shipping reports and analytics to elevate your delivery performances across all your channels.

  • Time in transit Report

  • First delivery attempt Report

  • Return Report

  • Volume per Carrier, Country, Shipping Service