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Cash on delivery manager

Keep track of all
Cash on Delivery
payments your
Carriers owe you.

Manage Cash on Delivery Shipments of
any Carriers directly from one
Dashboard! Let ShippyPro import them
automatically from all your Marketplaces!

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Available for more than 153 carriers

Manage your cash on delivery easily



Control Cash on Delivery from
one easy to use Dashboard

Avoid stressful<br> tasks

Avoid stressful

Save time by automating the
management of Cash on
Delivery Shipments

Avoid stressful<br> tasks


Have a better organized Cash on
Delivery Management

How it works

Get a detailed Overview

Get a detailed Overview

View how much you already collected and how much you still have to receive from each Carrier

Mark COD shipments as collected

Mark COD shipments as collected

Update your Dashboard by marking multiple shipments as collected as soon as you receive carrier invoices

Download a full report

Download a full report

Add notes to your COD shipments and download a detailed Excel Report in one click

Boost your business with Cash on
Delivery Manager

The success you can expect by using COD Manager

Per month saved 5 h

Per month saved

of the total revenue<br> saved monthly 25 %

of the total revenue
saved monthly

Errors avoided in<br> checking COD<br> every month 45 %

Errors avoided in
checking COD
every month

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already trust ShippyPro

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We are very happy to use ShippyPro: shipping management has become incredibly easy, safe and economical. Not only that: our customers receive timely information about their orders. Spectacular!

Cash on delivery Management
made simple

Cash on delivery Management<br> made simple

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