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Helping luxury brands offer quality tracking

Patrizia Pepe combines everyday practicality with stylish essentials for a collection that’s both versatile and sharp.


We are able to anticipate any incident thus improve the customer’s experience with our brand

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Shipping automation— with no limits—

Snowit brings winter experiences to the next level for mountain lovers. Comfortable, customizable and convenient.

Volcom Head of Digital

Easy Return® turned our return experience into a delightful phase for our customers. Plus, setting it up was really easy

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Bulk label printing for a smooth shipping phase

Kaotiko is a renowned clothing brand that is taking fashion to street, remaining committed to a local textile production.

24Bottles founders

Our team saves 3 hours a day creating labels. Shipping has finally become easy and quick

Giovanni Randazzo & Matteo Melotti24Bottles founders

Green brands love paperless fulfillment

Artknit is redesigning a more conscious way to buy superior-quality products with zero waste and no retail mark-up.